We first started off in April 2012 as a Facebook Page. It was a humble idea of being the first online store to ever launch in Lebanon. We wanted to provide local women with affordable fast-fashion styles that they can easily shop while chilling at home.




VESTITI was very small at this point; the concept of online shopping was new to the local market and it was a challenge to communicate it to our audience. Another challenge that we faced in our first year was the unavailability of domestic shipping companies! So we started by delivering the orders ourselves and meeting up with our customers at Malls, public places and our university campus. 

People had doubts about the potential of the company and called it an unrealistic dream. After all, we were starting from nothing in a small market that did not support the core of our business: online shopping! But we never doubted ourselves or the Lebanese audience. 




Our current products' catalog include the trendiest affordable garments and shoes in addition to whatever you need to complete your style wherever you go: luggage for your airport attire, bags & accessories for perfecting that look and lingerie and swimwear to always be in your hottest vibe. 




As the Instagram trend came to light, naturally we created a presence for the company @vestitilb; another platform to help us expand! What we enjoyed the most about social media, is that it allowed us to chat with our customers. This is how we learned more about the most important part of our fashion culture, You Girls! 

In 2016, we created our website in its first look. This was a cutting edge step in our target market. Later on in 2018, we gave our website a new look that people called it 'very stylish' and 'friendly'. Our next step is taking our brand internationally and more is yet to come. 

Through the years our brand has evolved from everyday outfits to 'office attire' and 'stealing the night' pieces. Then we introduced a new line of products: Travel Luggage back in 2017; our customers loved these affordable luxury luggage and it was thankfully another success to add to our story. 



Blogger Camila Coelho wearing Vestitilb.com Sunglasses


VESTITI have styled many popular regional and international influencers and celebrities such as Camila Coelho, Victoria Secret Model Izabel GoulartNour Arida, TV Host Rabiaa Zayyat, Nadine Abdel Aziz, Cynthia Samuel, Miss Lebanon Perla Helou and many more. 


Blogger Nour Arida wearing VESTITILB.com Sunglasses




We are dedicated to creating unique styles that you can wear almost anywhere! We believe that everyone deserves to have the closet of their dreams and to be in Style wherever they go. We commit to deliver a matchless online shopping experience: an exceptional customer support, transparency and a trusted platform.  We aim at styling real women in pretty pieces to embrace their femininity and go literally anywhere wearing VST.


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VESTITILB.com is owned, operated and managed by the establishment of VESTITI registered in Baabda, Lebanon under RC Number 2048806.